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About us

What is the PFI?

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI) is a non-profit body formed by pet food manufacturers, dedicated to upholding quality standards that ensure the nutritional wellbeing of household pets. Representative of about 80% of the pet food market in South Africa, each member commits to manufacture and market food that meets internationally accepted standards as set out in Act 36 of 1947. The Department of Agriculture's regulatory authority manages Act 36.

The  PFI aids industry in facilitating the complaint process, highlighting matters of non-compliance to the inspectorate of Act 36 for investigation.



The PFI, in the context of industry associations, is fairly young. The pet food industry began slowly in South Africa, gaining momentum in the 1960s and 70s when extruded dry pet food kibble was introduced to the country. Wet food (cans) had already been established. Pet food became the domain of animal feed companies, bringing it under the regulation of Act 36 and the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA). As South Africa opened in the 1990s, it was highlighted as a growing market by international pet food producers who were accustomed to working with specific pet food industry associations - both in their country of origin and countries around the world - with whom they traded, or where they had constructed manufacturing facilities. As the requirement for a similar association was highlighted, local pet food manufacturers and new international pet food entrants to South Africa came together in 1996 to address this need, and in 1998, the South African Pet Food Industry association was born.

Since then, the PFI has targeted legislation, legislation compliance and working to ensure that all pet food sold in South Africa has the nutritional wellbeing of your pets as its primary concern.

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Vision & Mission

The PFI is dedicated to upholding international standards of quality and safety in pet nutrition. PFI members commit to these values and are loyal to the vision and mission of the PFI, by ensuring that their pet food is produced ethically and safely. You can have total peace of mind knowing that what it says on their packaging, is exactly what’s in their products.

PFI vision:
  • To strive to improve the long term care and wellbeing of pets by instilling trust in safe, commercial nutrition.

PFI mission:
  • To grow and lead a responsible pet nutrition industry by being representative of the industry

  • Being a credible voice for stakeholders

  • Assuring industry quality and food safety standards align to international levels

  • Collaborating with authorities and regulators to establish a legislative framework that promotes a safe sustainable environment

  • Applying an industry code of conduct which ensures ethical sales and marketing

Image by The Lucky Neko
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