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Directors and committees


Johan van Jaarsveld


Montego Pet Nutrition

Dr. Sarah Miller

Cube Route

Henk Jutte

Complete Pet Food

Liezel van Bergen

Afrique Pet Food

Christina de Beer

Deputy Chairperson

RCL Foods

Frank Chadinha

Royal Canin S.A.

Ivor Queally

Quiet Brooke Trading

Neil Meyer


Dominique Kuhlmann

Executive Director


Patrick Ferrar

AVI Products

Brendan Hayes

Bob Martin


Nutritional Standards Committee:

The PFI’s strongest and most active committee, the Nutritional Standards Committee (or NSC) busies itself working on all matters that may affect pet food quality and legislation. The committee monitors the workings of the DALRRD committees (Animal Feed Forum, Compliance Forum) and debates these outcomes, considering whether proposals should be accepted or not, feeding information through to the PFI Board of Directors. The committee also monitors new developments with regard to worldwide nutrition, GAPFA (Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations) work output and direction taken, benchmarks with FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry Federation) & AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials), drives the SABS Standards and discusses all SABS Committee developments that may have an influence on pet food. The committee considers self-policing methodology and all issues that may influence the nutritional quality of pet food, including international animal health trends.

Packaging & Labelling Committee:

The Packaging & Labelling Committee was formed to prepare for deregulation of pet food advertising and packaging reviews, which it is aimed to direct to the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB). Together with an outside consultant, the committee developed an industry code that has been placed as an annexure on the ARB Code.

Having completed the code, this committee has become dormant but may be revived as the Act 36 regulations are amended.

Marketing Committee:

The Marketing Committee was formed to drive and manage all PFI-related marketing activities. Though it is a dormant committee at this time, it was formed by various PFI member brands, the committee may act as a sounding board, offering a representation of the industry through PFI communication.


The PFI also has representation on various legislative levels, acting as representation for all stakeholders, to ensure the association and stakeholders remain informed and included in pertinent decisions. These include:

  • DALRRD & Act 36

  • Agri-SETA

  • ARB representative

  • SABS pet food working group

  • SABS STANSA 70D (Trade Metrology)

  • SABS STANSA 489 (GMP Feed Milling)

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