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Why join the PFI? Benefits of membership:

  • Publicly display commitment to international standards of quality & safety in pet nutrition

  • Align with a well-respected industry association that

    • Promotes safe, quality pet nutrition

    • Promotes responsible pet ownership

    • Aids in the enforcement of legal standards in pet food nutrition

    • Handles and investigates consumer concerns related to pet food and pet nutrition

    • Encourages an industry code of conduct that ensures ethical sales and marketing

  • Benefit from industry representation on a governmental and legislative level

  • Keep up to date with industry related information

  • Benefit from increased sales and a sound reputation due to your commitment to overall pet wellbeing and safe nutrition

  • The PFI offers members the benefit of:

    • An early warning system

    • Guidance on preferred suppliers

    • Industry-related statistics and insights, when available

    • Guidance on the workings of the pet food industry

    • Information sharing, collaboration, education / training, mentorship, support and problem solving

Our Membership Promise

The PFI is dedicated to upholding international standards of quality & safety in pet nutrition. Members of the PFI commit to these values and ensure their pet food is aligned with ethical and safe food processes, giving you total peace of mind in knowing that what it says on the bag is exactly what’s in the bag.

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