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South Africa to host GAPFA’s 1st World Congress

The GAPFA aims to provide a global industry forum to address and gain consensus on key and mutual issues related to pet nutrition and the general health and wellbeing of pets across the globe, and, through guidelines, provide a reference for global harmonisation of standards.

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to not only participate in this Global Congress, but also to host it,” notes Barry Hundley, Executive Director for the PFI. “As the host of this first ever global event, the PFI is well positioned to showcase our right to participate on an international level and will use the Congress as a platform to demonstrate the activity undertaken by the PFI to ensure that the South African pet food industry adheres to international standards – driven by the renewed energy that has recently been injected into the PFI through our rebranding exercise.”

The Global Congress is held with the intent of enabling GAPFA’s strategy, which aims to harness the collective knowledge and experience of the global pet food industry to provide reference points for global standards and positions, and consensus-based guidance for the benefit of manufacturers, marketers and regulators. The GAPFA promotes adherence to international pet food safety and nutritional standards, enabling manufacturers to deliver wholesome, healthy and nutritiously prepared pet foods, thereby supporting the health and wellbeing of pets. And lastly, it aims to develop and disseminate educational resources to highlight and enhance the benefits of human and pet interaction.

“Although the event is closed to members of the GAPFA, the fact that South Africa has been chosen to host the 35 countries in attendance is not only a positive reflection on the South African pet food industry itself, but also on the capabilities of the country to deliver world-class services and event organization,” concludes Hundley.

The Congress is scheduled to run for 2 full days from Wednesday to Thursday, 11 – 12 November 2015 at the V & A Hotel in Cape Town.


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